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Monday October 21st: 10am~1pm, 2pm~7pm

Tuesday October 22nd: 10am~1pm, 2pm~7pm

Wednesday October 23rd: 10am~1pm, 2pm~7pm

Thursday October 24th10am~1pm, 2pm~5pm TBD

Friday October 25th: 10am~6pm

Saturday October 26th: closed

Sunday October 27th: closed


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Dr. Atoosa Kourosh MD, MPH, RYT has joined our Village Medicine Tribe!

As our Pediatrician, she sees kids for all reasons, big or small.

As our Allergy & Immunology Specialist, she sees all ages for testing and integrative treatment.

Last, but not least, as our Yoga Therapist, she works with all ages for a highly personalized approach to finding optimal health.

Whoo hoo!

We are honored to be a source of support in your healing~

Our providers' ability to render excellent care is largely thanks to careful preparation!

Prior to appointments, Village Medicine providers review your charts and treatment plans. This preparation allows for complete focus on you and your conversation during appointments. New billing codes are in effect to support our providers. We strongly encourage you to be brave and call your insurance so you are not surprised when it comes to the billing! Insurance can be tricky and confusing! It's up to you to fully inform yourself regarding your specific coverage. Our "Know Your Insurance Worksheet" in the Shared Documents section of the portal, in the General Resources for All Patients folder, will prompt questions so you can:

Take control of your coverage & empower yourself with understanding your benefits!


Need to set up for Telemedicine?

Visit Doxy.me/VillageMedicine

Need a prescription refilled?

Ask your pharmacy first.

They contact us most efficiently if necessary to request additional refills or you may schedule an appointment with your provider to renew prescriptions.

Please Note~

If you are taking Controlled Substances (e.g. Stimulants, Benzos, Opioids),

you must have an appointment at least every 3 months for prescription maintenance.

This is the law, so we cannot make exceptions.



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